A Bright Start in Barcelona

With your personal relocation guides

Helena and Maja

Your dream of living in the Mediterranean

has been on your mind for some time

and now you are looking to relocate to Barcelona.

At this moment, the prospect of starting from scratch in a new country

where you're unfamiliar with the culture, society, and language can feel overwhelming.

You wish you had a local connection who could help you you become familiar

with this this new world and set your new life in motion.

Now you have found us

We are Helena and Maja, fellow expats who have called Barcelona home for 15 and six years, respectively. We have done it and learned what it takes through trial and error so you can rely on us to guide you through a smooth transition, step by step, ensuring Barcelona feels like your new home before you make the final move.


If you have decided to relocate, let us support you every step of your new journey and make your Mediterranean dream come true.

Most relocation agencies start by finding you a new home before you have explored the city and culture you are about to move to.

We live here and our best advice is that you start by getting familiar with the new place first before you make the move.


Get a Bright Start in Barcelona

with Our Step-By-Step

Relocation Services Tailored to You

Our Services

Neighborhood Tour

Delve into the City's Essence. Tour residential neighborhoods that resonate with your lifestyle where you truly feel at home. Visit schools, clubs, and connect with key individuals and groups to kickstart your new journey and help you establish a personal and professional network. Immerse in the local culture, confidently adapting Mediterranean habits, readying yourself for the final move.

Minimum one week

Home Search

Discover Your Ideal Home with peace of mind. Once you have found your favourite neighborhoods, we guide you to properties that make you feel at home when you walk in the front door. Benefit from our curated selections across various agencies combined with our local expertise and unbiased advice. Relax when closing the deal as we manage contracts, registrations, and provide a tax-lawyer for your professional and personal needs.

From three weeks


Settle into the local lifestyle. Once you're settled, we're here to help you get your day-to-day organized. With our network and local expertise, practical matters are sorted quickly, so you don't have to struggle with

a new language and adminstration. We'll be with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition. And once things are running smoothly, count on us to stay connected, helping you navigate and expand your local community.

From three months

Yes, I’m ready!

Get to Know Barcelona

With Our Local Expertise

When you live in Barcelona you see the city differently than when visiting as a tourist. We live here and know the city as locals from an expat perspective. Over the years we have explored the city and found the neighborhoods

where we feel at home - not on vacation.

These are neighborhoods with authentic spirit, where locals and expats and families live side by side, enjoying the good life amidst beautiful surroundings where everyone feels safe.

We are Maja and Helena. Danish expats. Together we are a team who complement each other in giving you the best possible mix of backgrounds, skills and life experience to help you get a bright start in Barcelona.


Maja is a designer and was a partner in an architect agency in Copenhagen, before she landed in Barcelona in 2016 without knowing anyone. She worked with digital design and innovation in multinational consultancies before she launched her other business Maja’s Gusto Barcelona, where she helps visitors get unique and authentic experiences.


Helena, a freelance journalist, has called London and Brussels home before settling in Barcelona with her family in 2008, gaining valuable personal experience in relocating. Besides her work, she has managed the administration of her children’s schooling and the renovation of two homes in Barcelona from the ground up.

If you prioritize quality of life, appreciate serene natural settings, and value a local ambiance within urban spaces, then you've found your perfect guides.

We're dedicated to ensuring you feel right at home in Barcelona.

Why Us?

Personalized Guidance

Many relocation firms offer standard packages and showcase only their partner-listed properties, which might not be in your ideal neighborhood. That is a typical reason why people settle in the wrong place where they don’t feel at home.

We are dedicated to tailoring our services to your unique needs. With us, you're always the priority. We guide you step-by-step based on your situation, understanding from our own experience that the right home is crucial for a successful move.

Guided by Experience

Relocating can be overwhelming without local insights to guide you on the dos and don'ts. Navigating unfamiliar territory is taxing, and while you may have contacts in Barcelona, they're often engrossed in their lives with perspectives that might differ from yours.

With us, your support starts even before your physical move. Our firsthand experience shows that successful relocation begins prior to the move and extends beyond finding a home. Having journeyed this path, we're dedicated to ensuring you start on the right foot, sidestepping the pitfalls we encountered.

The Power of Connections

Relocation success hinges on your relationships. Personal ties not only make you feel at home but also shape your daily life and professional opportunities. Often, one family member swiftly integrates due to a new job, while the other struggles to find their social footing.

Establishing a network in a foreign country, especially without language fluency, is daunting. That is why we leverage our established relationships to connect you swiftly with the right individuals and organizations. By joining us, you instantly tap into our local community, kickstarting your personal network growth.

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